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Dara Kep Bungalow
is a peaceful residence of ten bungalows in a space of greenery.

Fruit trees
such as mango trees, banana trees, papaw trees but also palm trees and a beautiful flowered garden

Here you will have the possibility of parking your motorcycle or your car in full safety.

Dara Kep
is to 500 m from the central market, 7 km from the beach and 8 km from the crab market.

will be accommodated cordially.
The very nice staff will be always at your listening and will do his best to be pleasant for you.
bungalows all equipped are clean and functional.
You only have to come with your luggage and let you live

have the possibility of renting for a year, a month or for a short period.

all information do not hesitate to contact us.

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